Charging Etiquette and General Dos And Don'ts


  • Always park within the CYC Charge Point’s designated bay, in accordance with the parking conditions displayed at the site, to avoid falling foul of parking fines.  Some charge sites offer free parking while charging but not all do; ensure you follow local rules and any parking fees displayed at the site or in the car park where the Charge Point is located.
  • If you arrive and there is another car there, please do not attempt to disconnect the vehicle.  Most drivers will move on once charged, leave a note with their contact details or time of return, or use the app chargebump to make sharing busy charge points easier.  Always adopt simple etiquette when dealing with other EV users.  Similarly, please always move on once you have finished charging.  It is not acceptable to block a public charge point once you've finished, as it could prevent another EV user, who may be desperate for a charge, from using it.  Similarly, do not park in a designated EV space if you do not intend to plug in and charge your vehicle.
  • Be safe; do not 'daisy chain' or use extension cables or plug adapters to connect to a CYC Charge Point.  Try not to leave your cable tightly coiled as some may heat up during charging but carefully manage the position of the cable to prevent anyone tripping and / or causing injury.
  • There  are a mixture of free-to-use and pay-to-use charge points on the Charge Your Car network. If you are unsure about where a tariff is in force, check the CYC map or the app before connecting your vehicle. We ask charge point owners to clearly display whether they have applied a tariff on signage at the charge point itself. Please be aware that tariffs are set by the charge point owner, not Charge Your Car, and can be updated at any time. 
  • If the bay has a non-EV in the space (i.e. it has been ‘ICEd’), you can let us know and we’ll contact the site owner to ask them to ensure EV bays are kept for charging. 


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