Smartphone App

The Charge Your Car smartphone app by Corethree, is available for iPhone and Android platforms and is free to download.  The app will help you locate charge points and start and stop charge sessions without the need for the RFID access card. You can use the app at all compatible Charge Your Car charge points on the network.*  Use of the app is reliant on the mobile phone signal for both the charge point and your mobile phone.

You will need to register to use the app and add payment card details, in case you decide to use a charge point where the owner has chosen to apply a tariff.  Billing for tariffed charge sessions via the app is done in the same way as the RFID card; via the Charge Your Car portal (more information on billing can be found here)

Instructions on how to use the app to start and stop charge sessions can be found here

*Some charge points are too old, in too remote a location or the manufacturer simply have not implemented the functionality for the app to be compatible.  When searching for a charge point in the app, the charge point will display whether it is compatible with the app functionality, once selected. 


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