Charging Cables

For the majority of on-street charge points, you will require a type 2 (62196-2) menekes cable to successfully charge. These are available in 16 or 32 amps, depending on your vehicles charging capability


There are still on-street units that utilise the domestic 3-pin plug, but these are now increasingly few and far between.*

If you are unsure which cable your car requires, and can help you. 

50 and 43 kW Rapid charge units have tethered cables, but not all vehicles can utilise these chargersThe UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association can help you determine which equipment you car can use, or check with your dealer.

*OLEV no longer offer funding for 3 pin on-street charging and EU Directive 2014-94-EU,Article 4,Electricity supply for transport, section 4, states "Member States shall ensure that normal power recharging points for electric vehicles, excluding wireless or inductive units, deployed or renewed as from 18 November 2017.....shall be equipped, for interoperability purposes, at least with socket outlets or vehicle connectors of Type 2 as described in standard EN 62196-2."

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