Charging Networks

The UK has several EV charging networks (or schemes), one of which is Charge Your Car.  These networks utilise a variety of access methods.

Charge Your Car

Charge Your Car is what is called a 'back office provider'; we don't own, install or maintain the charge points on the network but provide access methods for EV drivers and gather the charging data for charge point owners. The map on our website shows at which units you can use a Charge Your Car access method (RFID card, CYC app, IVR PAYG phone line). The map only shows the units at which a CYC access method will work, so you may not see some of your local charge points on our map, if they belong to another network.

Why aren't all the charge points on the same network?
Charge point owners, such as councils or private businesses, can purchase a charge point from a manufacturer, install it, then choose on which network (of which there are several) to register the charge point. 

There are lots of third party websites (such as ZapMap) which show charge points on all networks; these are intended as a reference for all EV users to find a charge point on any (or no specific) network.  These can be very useful to new EV users, but be sure you make a note of which network or scheme a charge point is on, as you will likely need a specific access method to use the charge point

Why do I need an access method? Why can't I just use a contactless payment card?
It is an OLEV funding requirement for charge point owners that usage data from public charge points is gathered and submitted to them for three years after installation.  In order to fulfill this funding criteria, access methods are necessary to format data and keep users anonymous. Charge point suppliers are required to collect data on each charging event under each of the following data headings:

  • Anonymised ID of user
  • Chargepoint ID
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time
  • Total energy drawn (kWh)
  • Price
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