What happens once a fault has been reported?

When you report a fault to Charge Your Car, a fault ticket is opened and the report is logged with a date and description of what happened.  

Firstly, the help desk team investigate whether it's something they can assist with remotely and if possible, undertake this immediately.  

If this is not possible, it may be because there is no remote access to the charge point, or the fault requires an on-site repair by the owner or manufacturer.  The CYC help desk team would then list the unit as 'out of service' on the CYC map, to inform drivers that a fault has been reported, and to avoid the charge point.

If it is the case that a charge point is in need of a site visit, Charge Your Car inform:

  • The owner 
  • The manufacturer or
  • The owner's own nominated maintenance provider

This is because Charge Your Car does not maintain or own the units on the network. We don't have our own engineers to send to a charge point so we rely on the nominated maintenance providers to repair charge points in a timely fashion, and let us know this has happened, so we can list the charge point as back in service on the CYC map.

If a unit is taking a long time to repair, we expect maintenance providers to keep us informed with updates, which we keep a record of on the open fault ticket.  This means if drivers email to ask for news, we can let them know how the repair is progressing.  We will maintain contact with maintenance providers until a unit is repaired again.


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