I prefer the app and want to cancel the renewal on my RFID card

To cancel the automatic renewal of your RFID card, please log in to your portal, select 'Access Cards' from the drop-down menu, then select 'Cancel Auto-renewal', 3 DAYS before the renewal date specified in your automated reminder emails.

As per the terms and conditions, (section 8):


  1. Before We begin to provide the Services, you have the following rights to cancel these Terms, including where you choose to cancel because We are affected by an Event Outside Our Control or if We change these Terms under clause 3.1 to your material disadvantage:
    1. You may cancel these Terms at any time before you accrue any Charges. We will confirm your cancellation in writing to you.
    2. If you cancel these Terms under clause 8.1.1 and you have made any payment in advance for Services that have not been provided to you, We will refund these amounts to you.
    3. If you cancel these Terms under clause 8.1.2 but you do so following the annual renewal of your Access Card, NO refund of your Access Card renewal fee will be made to you. The Access Card can continue to be used to provide services until it expires. Following the Access Card's expiration it must be returned as described below in clause 8.2.
  2. Once We have begun to provide the Services to you, you may cancel the contract for the Services at any time by providing Us with at least [30] calendar days' notice in writing OR by selecting the cancellation option in the administration web portal in your user area. Any pre-authorisation you have made for Charges that have not been incurred by you will not be taken as payment. You will be required to return the Access Card to the Supplier as soon as possible by registered post, as your cost.

N.B. You cannot reply to the automated emails you receive from the do-not-reply ( address as they come directly from the server and there is no inbox for these messages.

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