How do I know if there is a cost to use a charge point?

Charge point owners can choose a tariff for their charge points on the Charge Your Car network.  Tariffs can be applied at any time by owners, even if a charge point was initially free.  If a charge point owner decides to apply a tariff, a cost will apply regardless of the access method you use or the connector you draw power from, N.B. the automated phone line may have an additional cost.

Tariffs may appear in a 'per kW', 'per minute' or 'flat rate' format (or a combination of these), so please ensure you check the owners' applied tariff BEFORE you connect your car.

Charge point owners may have their own signage displaying a tariff or you may see a sticker like this on the charge point:

Charge points which have a tariff applied to them by the owner are indicated as such on the website map and the app (as below), however most charge points remain free to use.  

Your invoice for tariffed charging sessions will be sent (and payment collected) at the end of the month; whichever is soonest.  Your invoices and statement can be viewed at any time by logging in to your portal and selecting 'Invoices' or 'Statement' from the 'Your Account' drop-down menu. If your pre-authorised payment card is declined, an adhoc debit of £5 is added to your account, to cover administration and our payment provider's fees.


N.B. This is in addition to the annual £20, paid to Charge Your Car, for the RFID card.

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