Scottish EV Rally - 12th September 2015

Correspondence from Energy Saving Trust...

"We’re getting in touch with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners in Scotland to make them aware of an event that Energy Saving Trust are running in Glasgow on Saturday 12th September. For the last few years we’ve been wanting to hold a big promotional event to get some media interest in the growth of EVs in Scotland and hopefully put some positive stories out there in the press. We’re now in a position to hold an EV rally and have got agreement from Glasgow Council to use George Square as the starting point (before travelling to Stirling and back) – great news in terms of making it high profile and we also have the Minister for Transport, Derek Mackay, to wave off the rally.

As well as this, Robert Llewellyn (Kryten from Red Dwarf and UK’s leading EV ambassador – see here) has agreed to take part and will also be performing his EV stand-up show to all rally participants on arrival in Stirling.

I should say that we are using the term “rally” but it’s more an EV convoy….I don’t want to mislead you with terming it as a rally.

We’re at the stage of recruiting drivers and it would be great to hear from you if you may be interested in participating. At the very least we can guarantee you Robert Llewellyn in his Tesla, a hot drink and a bacon roll and at best, a chance to be a part of Scotland’s biggest EV promotion. I’ve added a few details below in terms of the layout of the event:-


  • Starting in George Square, with a return trip to Stirling as the route (c. 60 miles)
  • Catering at Stirling will be provided for all participants. Along with Robert’s show
  • We’re asking all drivers to be on-site at George Square by 10am on 12th September. There will be a static display on the square itself of the EVs
  • There will be information stands and a chance for the public to see the EVs and ask drivers about their model
  • The Minister will wave off the vehicles at midday
  • At Stirling, drivers are welcome to stay for food and Robert’s show – after this, drivers can head back to Glasgow or wherever else they need to go.
  • Please be aware that there are no charging facilities at the venue in Stirling.


For those needing charging facilities in Glasgow before the start, the council operate 65 charging points – whilst we can’t reserve these charging facilities, we will aim to liaise with all drivers before the event to assist those with a charging requirement.


Please just respond to if you are happy to take part in the event – be great to have you there. At this stage, if you can take part all we need is the below detail:-




EV model:


Should you be happy to sign up, we will then be in touch with more detail."


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