Ordering an RFID Access card

Once you have registered and added your payment card, you can order an RFID access card.  A Charge Your Car Access Card costs £20 per annum* and allows you to access all Charge Your Car charge points.  The RFID card has your payment details for charge sessions attached to it, so please let us know immediately if you misplace it. 

N.B. This process cannot be done via the app- please use the desktop site.

Please do not bend, puncture or split your RFID card as this will prevent it from working properly

To order your RFID Access card:

  1. Log in to your portal here
  2. Select the “Your account” link in the top right of the screen.  
  3. Select “Access Cards” from the drop down menu
  4. A new screen will appear with a blue “Purchase Card” link button.  Click this link and it will lead you through the steps to purchase a card.  
  5. The shopping cart below will appear, where you will need to select the quantity of cards you require and select "checkout":
  6. Please ensure your address delivery details are complete and correct on entering them in the next screen, then select "Proceed to order summary" then "Proceed to secure payment"
  7. You will be required to enter your payment card details in the next screen:
  8. You will receive an email confirming your order.

N.B. The ordering process will ask for payment details again.  This is so you have the option of having one card for your charge session billing and renewals and ordering with a different one.

Expect to receive your card within 3-5 working days.  Please carefully detach it and keep it somewhere safe.  The card is assigned to your membership account, is activated and ready to use straight away.

Your Charge Your Car card renews automatically every year. If you do not wish for the card to renew, please follow the instructions at this link.


*CYC Lifetime cards were discontinued in April 2014.  The £20 annual fee is not credit for charge sessions.

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