The charge point won't recognise or won't authorise my card

What to do when a charge point won't authorise your card...

  1. Check that you are presenting a valid and active (not expired) Charge Your Car, GMEV, Source West or Energise card to the Charge Your Car charge point.

  2. Ensure that you have an active payment method assigned to your account.  If your credit or debit payment card has expired, or you have an unpaid outstanding balance on your account, your card will not be authorised to charge.  Please see this article for how to update your payment card

  3. Check the charge point on the map, to make sure the charge point is on the Charge Your Car network, and that it's live in service.  You can find out more about checking the map here.

What to do when a charge point won't acknowledge your card...

  1. Make sure you are presenting the card to the correct part of the unit.  There will be instructions on the screen, or an image of a hand holding a card, to indicate where to hold it.

  2. Hold the card to the reader long enough for the machine to recognise that a card has been presented and authorise your card with the server (usually a good few seconds will do it).

  3. When a unit doesn't acknowledge a card has been presented at all, the card itself may have become faulty or need replacing.  See "What to do if your RFID card is broken" for help.
  4. This may also mean that the card reader on the unit has become faulty and the owner or manufacturer will need to send an engineer.



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