Charge Your Car Live Map

The live map on the Charge Your Car homepage is invaluable for locating Charge Your Car charge points.  

To find a charge point, enter a location or postcode in the ‘Search Map’ box. 

For detailed information on the charge points, click on the coloured icon.  The balloon which opens will tell you what kind of sockets are available at the charge point, the kW of the charge point, the full address and post code (so they can easily be located via SatNav) and any cost to use the charge point.  

The charge points are categorised as 3kW (the domestic 3 pin plug style- standard), 7 and 22kW (which are the type 2 mennekes sockets- fast) and the 50kW (which encompasses the 50kW CHAdeMO and CCS connectors, and the 43kW AC- rapid).  The UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association can help you determine which equipment you car can use, or check with your dealer.

When you visit the map at here, you will notice that the icons on the map are different colours. 

  • Blue indicates the charge point has not been listed as having a fault.  
    Please check on the icon to ensure that the connector you need is currently in service.  If the connector is shown as red (even if the icon is blue), that connector is unavailable. Click on the icon to view which connector is offline:

  • Green indicates the charge point is currently in use by another driver
  • Red indicates the charge point is currently out of service.  
    If the icon on the map is already red, it is indicative that a fault has been reported to the owner, manufacturer or nominated maintenance provider, (as CYC staff cannot remotely repair or activate the charge point) and is awaiting a fix.  
    If a charge point is listed as red on the map, please do not attempt to use the charge point.



For information about CYC RFID access card compatibility, click here

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