My Car is Not Taking Power

There are various reasons for this, however you can try a few of the troubleshooting techniques below:

  • Is the vehicle switched off and in charge mode?
  • Is the cable fully connected at both ends?
  • Have you presented your card/ started the session on the app BEFORE plugging in?
  • Is there a charge-timer set on your car?
  • Are the doors shut and the vehicle locked? (N.B. This does not apply to all models)
  • Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting at the car end?
  • Is there an error code? If so, please refer this to the CYC team.
  • Did the charge point invite you to plug your cable in before you did so?
  • Has your car/ cable worked at these charge points before?
  • Is the unit marked as being in service on the map?
  • Have you checked you vehicles manual to ensure you are setting the charge up correctly?
  • Is you car compatible with this type of charge point?
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